2020 Private Treaty Bull Videos

Solid Rock Red Angus is proud to have a selection of coming-two-year Red Angus bulls available for sale starting end of February 2020! These bulls are sons of quality sires 5L TopGun, Brunswick, Defender, Double Design, Premier, Prestigious, SR Foundation & more!

We have selected our bloodlines to better meet the needs our customers have expressed for Calving Ease, Growth and Carcass Traits and Maternal Values. Most bulls have received genomic GGP testing and all have had ultrasound and bull soundness tests to help you in your selection process. There is a select group of non-registered, fullblood Red Angus bulls available as well.

Update: Remaining bulls have been moved back to the ranch west of Limon. Feel free to contact us with questions or to find a time convenient for you to view the bulls. Click below to see the catalog and videos of all bulls. Thank you!

Click here to see remaining bulls available for sale.

All videos can be found in one album here, or click below on the Name to view.

Solid Rock Lot 1 from Focus Marketing Group on Vimeo.

1   4088784 F858 SR PRESTIGIOUS TICKET F858
2   4088698 F809 SR DOUBLE HEAVEN DESIGN F809
3   4088756 592F SR DESIGNLINE 592F
4   4088444 F877 SR PREDICTED F877
5   4088586 F756 SR NATIVE BRUNSWICK  F756
6   4088608 F887 SR BRUNSWICK JULIUS  F887
7   4088672 F836 SR DEFENDER 5509C F836
8   4088668 F861 SR TOPGUN COPPER F861
9   4088780 F845 SR DEFENDER RIDE  F845
10   4088772 F831 SR DEFENDER RED DAWN F831
11   4087192 F838 SR CHECKMATE F838
12   4088712 F804 SR BLUE DEFENDER F804
13   4088690 F863 SR DEFENDER JUNIOR F863
14   4087214 F829 SR MAJOR GENERAL F829
15   4088616 F753 SR TOPGUN AT DAWN  F753
16   4088622 F874 SR TOPGUN LOGAN F874
17   4088640 F875 SR TOPGUN OLLIE  F875
18 4088536 F878 SR LANCER F878
19   4087212 F842 SR DIAMONDBACK F842
20   4088442 F893 SR DEL TOPGUN F893
21   4088436 F881 SR DEFENDER F881
22   4088766 F821 SR DEFENDER AT DAWN F821
23   4088776 F843 SR RED DEFENDER  F843
24   4088786 F866 SR LONK`S PRESTIGIOUS F866
25   4088704 F811 SR DEFENDER TG F811
26   4088778 F844 SR DEFENDER`S TICKET F844
27   4088470 F880 SR PRESTIGIOUS F880
28   4088770 F828 SR PRESTIGIOUS TICKET F828
29   4088560 F765 SR TOPGUN MATRIX F765
30   4088670 F771 SR DOUBLE STUFF DESIGN F771
31   4088496 F814 SR PREMIER F814
32   4088500 F803 SR PREMIER 803
33   4167418 F817 SR PREMIER  F817
34   4088718 F818 SR DEFENDER 5509C F818
35 4112562 F892 SR LEGENDARY F892
36 4088512 F826 SR STAN LOCK F826
37   4088646 F763 SR CARUSO ROCK F763
38 4129122 508F SR IMPRESSIVE SCORE 508F
39   4088514 F832 SR STAN LOCK F832
40 F764 SR F764
41 F883 SR F883
42 4138782 F812 SR DOUBLE DESIGN F812
43 4217990 F862 SR DEFENDER F862
44 4217992 F794 SR ALARIC F794
45 (BLACK)   4088510 F775 SR PRESTIGIOUS F775
46 507F SR 507F
47   4088516 F840 SR PEAK F840
48 F873 SR F873
49 F869 SR F869
50 4207754 F855 SR VAPOR F855
51   4088642 F797 SR TOPGUN PACKER  F797
52   4088658 F870 SR DESIGN DIRECT TICKET F870
53 4217994 F854 SR DEFENDER F854
54   4088548 F767 SR TOPGUN CANYON F767
55 4088782 F857 SR PRESTIGIOUS RIDE F857
56   4088618 F889 SR TOPGUN`S LOUIE F889
57   4088758 F755 SR STONY REDEMPTION F755
58   4167420 F802 SR PREMIER F802
59   4088760 F759 SR B121 MONUMENTAL  F759
60   4087210 F871 SR CAPSTONE F871
61 F835 SR F835
62   4087216 F830 SR ADMIRAL F830
63   4088664 F815 SR DEFENDER 5590C F815

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