2022 Private Treaty Bull Offering

Welcome to our 2022 Private Treaty offering of Red Angus bulls!

We have a balanced offering of Calving Ease and Growth Bulls, with proven and new sires that will give you the diversity you need for your genetic selections. These bulls are sons of 3SCC Domain, Bieber Stockmarket, Collier Finished Product, KCC Excellence, Leland Full House, WFL Merlin, Schuler Silver Bullet, SR Here We Go and more. Our offering of coming-two-year old bulls have passed their bull soundness exam and have been Trich tested. Most bulls have received genomic GGP testing and ultrasound tests to help you in your selection process. There is a select group of non-registered, fullblood Red Angus bulls available as well.

Videos of all bulls available HERE.

The bulls are located at Miltenberger Feedlot between Stratton and Bethune, Colo. Feel free to contact us with questions or to find a time convenient for you to view the bulls. Click below view videos of all bulls. Thank you!

Joe – (719) 740-1124
Ronny – (402) 641-7428
Ryan – (785) 565-1755

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