Eastern Colorado Red Angus - Joe & Cindy FrasierGreetings from Solid Rock Red Angus, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Joe and Cindy Frasier, owners/managers of River Bend Ranch west of Limon, Colo., have lived on the ranch for over 30 years. We raised our family here on the High Plains east of the Rockies, daily caring for our Red Angus herd and enjoying the advantages of a great rural community. Our children have graduated from college and have found their niches in the multi-faceted field of modern agriculture.

Our son, Ryan, and his wife, Lindsay, live in Newton, Kan., where Ryan works for AGCO Corporation as a Product Performance Specialist and Lindsay teaches high school English in Wichita. They have a daughter, Maelle Rose, and son, Tucker Joseph.

Our daughter, Kelsey, and her husband, Ronny Pope, have recently moved back to the ranch after working in agriculture in Nebraska. Ronny works full- time for the ranch and Kelsey is the managing editor of a cattle magazine, as well as a freelance writer and blogs at Ag on the Forefront.  They have a son, Chisum Marshall.

Our daughter, Emily Frasier, lives in Olathe, Kan. where she works for KAT Nurseries, wholesale nursery to the Midwest.

Two themes are central in the lives of our family: First, our faith in Christ Jesus and secondly, our love for Red Angus cattle. Our commercial Red Angus herd has roots to the early 1980’s, and the registered herd began in the 1990’s with a few heifers our daughters purchased. Add those to our acquisition of the entire registered 7U herd from Lonnie and Janet Frimann and our herd has grown to 80 registered females.

Fertile, functional and disposition:These three terms best describe our breeding program!

FERTILE – Grazing and running within a multi-paddock short grass environment year-round, these females don’t see feed pens, after feed or calving sheds. Our calving season begins the last week of April through mid- June and all calve
on their own in open pasture.

FUNCTIONAL – River Bend Ranch is the site of the RAAA Breeding Program where annually, test sires for the Carcass Progeny Test program (CPT) are inseminated into our commercial herd. These calves, after backgrounding, are sent to a feedlot in SW Kansas and marketed via retained ownership through US Premium Beef at Liberal, Kan.. Those progeny from our bulls must compete against some of the best the breed has to offer through the CPT.

DISPOSITION—Webster defines this term as “the individual’s character and temperament”. Our paddock approach to grazing management requires cattle that have a gentle and workable disposition. The results are healthy bulls, cows and calves, that allow us to best utilize the available forage, are safe to handle whether in a large herd or individually in a trailer, and result in a more satisfying end product.

We are confident these goals will result in superior genetics and disposition when you purchase a Solid Rock Red Angus Bull.

Give us a call or better yet stop by and visit, we would love to get to know you better!

Joe and Cindy Frasier
45965 County Road 118
Limon, Colorado  80828
Office: 719.775.2790
Joe’s Cell: 719.740.1124
Ronny’s Cell: 402.641.7428


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