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Frasier Beef Details

Private Label Locker Beef is dry aged 14 days before packaging, which we market in “quarter lots”. There is a distinct difference in beef from a long yearling (16-18 months old) in comparison to a mature cow or bull.  Also, large processors do not have the cold storage to allow a beef to age 14 days before cutting into individual cuts.  This provides you as the consumer with superior taste and tenderness that comes in Private Label Locker Beef.

If you consider all the beef in one finished yearling animal to be a “whole” then “quarters” are one-fourth sampling of every cut.  There are certain cuts where there are only two (one per half) available on a finished beef, ie: Pikes Peak and Rump roasts, one per half.  In those cases we try to pair them so that the customer receives one comparable cut to fill their order.

Steaks are cut ¾” to 1” in thickness and wrapped two per package.  Roasts are cut 3#-4# per package and bulk ground beef in 2# tubes. Cubed stew meat in 1# trays and short ribs in 2# packages which we recommend preparing in moist or pressure cookers.

Because individual beef vary in weight, you can expect your quarter to weigh between 115# and 145#.  Approximate quarter percentages are as follows:

            Sirloin, Round and Flank Steaks — 20%

            Filets, Strips, Rib Eyes, Specialty Steaks — 18%

            Loin and Round Roasts — 12%

            Chuck and Shoulder Roasts — 8%

            Short Ribs — 5%

            Stew Meat — 5%

            Ground Beef — 32%

Your beef order will be delivered, wrapped and frozen, with an inventory list of all your items.  For planning sake, one-quarter will take up approximately 40% of a 14 cubic foot freezer. 

These beef products are from our own raising and traceable to ensure your health and confidence in purchasing.  Some cuts will be trimmed and certain cuts are bone-in per industry standards.  We work with reputable processing families from USDA-inspected facilities, giving us the confidence that we are providing you with the best possible products. 

Please contact us for pricing and delivery! 

“I love knowing WHERE my meat is from. That it is local and processed safely. The quality and TASTE are way better than the grocery stores. And it’s VERY cost effective. Bonus- family owned business with amazing customer service!”

Sherri Poellot, beef customer