Cross Diamond Cattle Sale in December 2012

tumblr_metp2yrGi91rdz5kdo1_500Cold early morning temperatures warmed quickly on a bright sunny day in south central Nebraska for the Cross Diamond Cattle Company 7th Annual Production sale. Buyers represented 24 states and a large crowd enjoyed the hospitality and fellowship provided by the Fords and their cooperators.

199 Red Angus bulls…………….. $5090
14 registered open heifers………. $2564
223 commercial bred heifers…… $1783
12 open commercial heifers……. $1462
2 ranch broke horses………….. $3000

The high selling bull was Lot 103, SR Jonny Unitas 55Y, consigned by Solid Rock Red Angus, Limon, Colo. This massive, gentle TR Colt 45 UT806 son was purchased for $16,500 by Hall Red Angus, Bartlett and Stapleton, Neb. and Silver Spur Ranch, Encampment, Wyo.

Lot 7, Crs Diamnd Medallion 1046, a Buf Crk Medallion N328 son sold for $12,000 to Gilroy Land and Cattle, Dalton and Alliance, Neb.

Also selling to the Gilroy family was Lot 5, Crs Diamnd Colossal 1419, a Crs Diamond
Colossal 6055 son for $9,000.

Lot 57, Choat Signature Y195, a 5L Signature 2585-6017 son, consigned by Choat Cattle Company sold to Gary Sinn of Mahaska, Kan. for $9,000.

Scott Wagner, Hooper, Neb. purchased the two high selling registered heifers. Lot 215, Crs Diamnd Tradition 1409, a daughter of 5L Tradition 795-6707 sold for $4,100. Lot 219, Crs Diamnd Blueprint 1175, a Crs Diamnd Design 872 daughter sold for $4,000.

Volume buyers were Jeff Bunting, Albion, Ill., with two bulls and 47 head of commercial bred heifers, and Steve Dasenbrock, Cimarron, Kan. with 45 head of commercial bred heifers.

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