River Bend Ranch/Solid Rock Red Angus hosts Argentine ag student

For two weeks, we had the pleasure of hosting Martin Otero, an agricultural student who grew up on a family ranch in Argentina, on our ranch.

Martin spent most of the summer with Mushrush Red Angus, Strong City, Kan., and learned a lot about the Red Angus breed from them. But the Flint Hills and the Great Plains are different environments for Red Angus, so we were happy to host him to teach him more about life on the Eastern Colorado Great Plains and how we manage our cattle.


He even joined in on the fun we had on Halloween while preg-checking cows.


Chisum especially liked Martin and decided to be a “gaucho” like Martin for Halloween.

Martin left to take in some American sites before heading back to Argentina to his family, school and rugby team, but we enjoyed having him and learning more about Argentine culture.

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