2013 2-year-old bulls

The Solid Rock Red Angus offering at the 2013 Cross Diamond Cattle Company’s 2013 Production Sale. We look forward to seeing you in Bertrand or broadcast live on Superior Livestock on December 9!

For questions about bulls, please call Joe @ 719.775.2790 or email jcfrasier1979@gmail.com.

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ID Name Reg. # Sire Prefix Lot #
60Z SR FOUNDATION 1593292 UT806 SR 69
51Z SR COMPLETE 51Z 1598839 171T POPE 70
58Z SR BULLION 58Z 1599830 T272 SR 71
61Z SR LAMBEAU 61Z 1599841 008S SR 72
66Z SR CONNECTOR 66Z 1598848 008S POPE 73
64Z SR CHECKER 64Z 1598836 008S POPE 74
72Z SR CORRECTOR 72Z  pending 8010 POPE 75
65Z SR LOMBARDI 65Z 1599813 008S SR 76
54Z SR SEASON TICKET 54Z 1599859 8010 SR 77
76Z SR FAVRE 76Z 1599817 008S SR 78
63Z SR FOUR TIMES JULIAN   63Z 1600407 B571 SR 79
78Z SR WILLIAM WALLACE   78Z 1599831 F442T SR 81
86Z SR KING ARTHUR 86Z 1599824 F442T SR 82
81Z SR LANCELOT 81Z 1599846 F442T SR 83
75Z SR ELMER MARIAS 75Z 1599832 2MS-2269 SR 84
71Z SR CHIZM 71Z 1598846 CQ-4405P POPE 85
53Z SR JACKET 53Z 1599847 832S SR 86
56Z SR CHANCELLOR 56Z 1598840 9921W POPE 87
70Z SR 502 JULIAN 70Z 1600408 B571 SR 88
82Z SR REVERE 82Z 1599821 LOG210 SR 89
50Z SR ELBERT NATIVE 50Z 1599857 F207 SR 90
62Z SR COLUMBINE NATIVE   62Z 1599845 F207 SR 91
73Z SR ERNEST MARIAS 73Z 1599834 2MS-2269 SR 92

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