2013 Sale Report

Bright sunshine, light snow cover and cold temperatures, along with outstanding cattle, warm hospitality and good people welcomed a big crowd at the Cross Diamond Cattle Company sale in Bertrand, Neb. on Dec. 9. Cross Diamond is a program built on customer service and cattle with soundness, foraging ability and longevity. A group of consignors, consisting of both registered and commercial breeders bring a great complement of cattle to Cross Diamond, making a strong offering with volume numbers for buyers to sort and select.

Sale results:
217 Red Angus bulls $6147
6 Range Fire bulls $6583
286 commercial bred heifers $2423
35 commercial heifer calves $1422
20 registered open heifers $2088
1 ranch horse $5000

The high selling bull was Lot 69, consigned by Solid Rock Red Angus, Limon, Colo. SR Foundation is a TR Colt 45 UT806 son from a Mission Control dam. He sold for $56,000 to Right On Cattle, Bertrand, Neb., Horsley Red Angus, Council Hill, Okla., Silver Spur Ranch, Encampment, Wyo.; and Cross Diamond Cattle Company, Bertrand, Neb.

Lot 1, Crs Diamnd Amplitude 299, a son of LSF Widespread 0052X from a 5L Avalanche dam sold for $20,000 to Loonan Stock Farm, Corning, Iowa.

Lot 2, Crs Diamnd Hustler 273, a son of Crs Diamnd Hustler 987 and a Medallion dam sold for $11,000 to Gregg Jager, Hazard, Neb.

Lot 63, Crs Diamnd Stellar 2086, a son of Beckton Nebula U311, from a Medallion dam sold to Right On Cattle Company, Bertrand, Neb. for $11,000.

Lot 17, Crs Diamnd Casey 2199, a son of Crs Diamnd Hustler 982 and a Cherokee Canyon dam sold for $10,000 to Tyler Dahlgren, Bertrand Neb.

Lot 220, Crs Diamnd Casey 2132, a son of Crs Diamnd Casey 982 from a Vaquero 517 daughter sold to John Borrowman, Hull, Ill. for $10,000.|

The high selling Range Fire bull, consigned by Silver Spur Ranch was Lot 96, Spur Right Choice 2728Z, a B3R Right Choice W003 son from a Beckton-bred dam. He sold to Tim Eggert, Kindred, N.D. for $8,500.

High selling open registered heifers were Lots 238, 245 and 256– all at $2500. Lot 238 is a Beckton Halfmann Hustler R588 daughter from the legendary Rambo 502 cow, Panhandle Robin 4135. She sold to Horsley Red Angus, Council Hill, Okla.

Lot 245 is a Crs Diamnd Hustler 987 daughter from a Sandman 809 daughter. She sold to Horsley Red Angus, Council Hill, Okla.

Lot 256 is a Crs Diamnd Antioch 8086 daughter from a King Rob dam. She sold to McCormick Red Angus, Caledonia, Minn.

Volume commercial heifer buyers were Horn Land and Cattle, Brewster, Neb. with 100 head, and Tim Dewey, Cimarron, Kan. with 45 head.

Volume bull buyers were Jeff Bunting, Albion, Ill. with 12 head and Barry and LeBlanc, East Bernard, Texas with 10 head.

Cattle were sold into 18 states.

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