Calving on the ranch

We are in the middle of calving season here at River Bend. Most all of our Solid Rock calves have been born, now many of our commercial herd cows are calving.

IMG_20140504_155003_092IMG_20140519_091324_152 IMG_20140627_151413_859We’ve even had some great moisture which has greened-up the ranch.
IMG_20140508_103139_159IMG_20140526_151708_496 IMG_20140521_150222_639

We had quite the story with a heifer having her first calf. Joe noticed that the heifer’s water had broke, and after watching her for some time, noticed that she wasn’t making any progress. He got her into a pen and called the veterinarian. She advised him to bring the heifer into town. Upon arrival, Dr. Leesa determined that the heifer had a very large calf and she wasn’t going to be able to give birth naturally. The team of doctors and technicians performed a c-section and “Frosty Fred” the bull calf was born (named thanks to the children of the veterinary technician!). We have not had to perform a c-section on any of our cows or heifers in over 25 years, so this was a very rare occurrence for us.

photo 1

Thanks to all of the help at Eastern Colorado Veterinary! Frosty Fred is doing great.

photo 4

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