2014 Solid Rock bull offering at upcoming Cross Diamond Cattle Sale

Join us!

Cross Diamond Cattle 8th Annual Production Sale
Monday, Dec. 8, 2014
72862 C Road •Bertrand, NE 68927

Selling: 225+ coming two-year-old Red Angus bulls
350+ commercial bred heifers
20 open commercial heifer calves
3 ranch-broke horses

Our Solid Rock bulls are listed as Lots 62-89, catalog pages 24-34.

Click here to view the sale catalog. 

Click here to watch video of Lots 62-89.

SONY DSCAs we prepare our bull offering this year, we can’t help but be grateful for our loyal customers and networks in the Red Angus industry and look forward to making even more connections at the upcoming Cross Diamond Cattle sale.

This year was record-breaking on two occasions: ample, record rainfall, and Joe and Cindy left the ranch not once but three times!

Our native pastures have been fortunate to receive timely spring and summer rains, following a very mild winter. All of these conditions provided a great environment for healthy females and a near effortless calving season. The yearling bulls took advantage of the green pastures, and after arriving at Cross Diamond in early September, are maturing nicely under their crew’s watchful care.

Investment is our focus this year. We are confident in our crop of yearling bulls this year as an  investment to your herd. We have worked together as a family to put time and effort in choosing genetics that are backed by generations of sound Red Angus pedigrees. We believe in looking ahead and breeding for tomorrow to help customers meet their long-term goals.  We are confident these goals will result in superior genetics and disposition when you purchase a Solid Rock Red Angus bull.

Not only are we investing in the future of our cattle but also the future of our family business.  Our daughter, Kelsey and husband, Ronny, moved back to the ranch this fall to be more involved in the family operation.

Our “Solid Rock” investment is in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and we thank Him for our blessings this year. We look forward to visiting with you at the sale on December 8th or beforehand.

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